In this week’s parsha we look at how we can use G-d’s gifts to overcome obstacles.

There’s a parable told about a donkey that fell into a deep pit.

The villagers, assuming the donkey would die, threw dirt into the pit to bury the animal.

But the donkey saw the dirt as a tool to his survival, and used it to create a mound to climb out of the pit to safety.

What a powerful story! Indeed, there are times in life when we meet challenges that seem to bury us, only to realize they are actually there to uplift us!

The Talmud teaches that Hashem does not give an individual a challenge that he cannot handle. To that end, our lives are markedly different due to the nature of the challenges G-d grants us, setting each human being on the precise journey destined for his soul, replete with the tools to rise above every hurdle along the way.

Kabbalah takes this concept yet a step further, characterizing a challenge as a boomerang, where every withdrawal triggers an even greater ascent.

Life has its ups and downs; let’s remember that the challenges we face are not there to bury us, but rather to uplift!