In this week’s parsha we discuss the value of crafting a quiet space.

A man orders dinner in a restaurant, and soon after his food arrives, he calls the waiter over: “I’d like to speak with the chef,” he says.

“May I ask what’s wrong?” asks the waiter.

“Please call the chef immediately,” insists the man.

Moments later, the chef arrives.

“Chef, taste this food,” says the man.

The chef reaches for a fork but can’t find any cutlery to eat with.

“How do you expect me to taste the food?” he asks.

“Aha,” says the customer…

Indeed, sometimes we’ve got everything laid out in front of us and all we’re missing is that one vital tool to make it our own.

In the same vein, I believe that the solutions to many of life’s challenges are so accessible to us, but often, we simply aren’t utilizing what’s out there.

Take a common example we can all relate to–how the daily stresses of life wear us out. We’ve all experienced it, the feeling of being driven to insanity in a fast-paced world, trying to make it through another busy workday, with little time left for our families and the things we enjoy and cherish. And so, our stress levels build with each passing day, leaving us anxious, tired, and in need of some serious relaxation therapy.

So what do the therapists say? Stop. Take it easy; choose one day to do absolutely nothing; turn off your cellphone, computer, TV–all of that background noise. Create a quiet space in your week for just you and your family; prepare a homemade dinner, spend time together, relax, and revel in the peacefulness.

It’s ironic–it may be the latest solution in therapy, but I’ve actually been doing this with my family for years. That’s right, every single Friday night, and boy, does it work wonders!

Why not try it out yourself this weekend? I assure you, it will be more than memorable!