In this week’s parsha we look at the value in fulfilling our fullest potential. 

A young man who fell into bad habits once visited the Tzemach Tzedek, third leader of the Chabad dynasty.

“Tell me,” said the Rebbe to the young man, whose hobbies included horse racing, “what’s so great about a swift horse? Should it take a wrong turn, it will carry its rider even further from his destination — at five times the speed!”

“You have a point,” agreed the young man. “In such a case the swiftness of the horse has become a disadvantage.”

The Rebbe’s next words penetrated the young man’s heart: “But remember, as soon as the horse realizes that it has gone astray, it can regain the right path that much faster than his weaker brother…”

The human will is incredibly powerful.  Like the swift horse, unharnessed, it can drive us astray; but when channeled with precision, it has the potential to carry us to truly extraordinary places.

How does one steer his willpower in the right direction?

The answer to this challenge is in appreciating what we possess.

Every person is truly a “swift horse”; we carry an unyielding willpower with which we can reach incredible heights.

But the “swift horse” can only journey effectively if we direct it according to the beliefs and principles that we truly hold important.

Granted, it takes effort to recognize these values.  And in Judaism, investing time in appreciating our heritage is the key to harnessing the power of the swift horse.

So join a Torah class; you will nourish your mind, internalize your deepest aspirations, and set your horse soaring on the path to a successful and meaningful life!

When we harness the swift horse, the sky is the limit!