In this week’s parsha we get ready for the High Holidays ahead.

A visitor to the Jewish state was undergoing a standard eye exam at an optometrist. Unfortunately, the man was having an awful lot of trouble deciphering the letters showed to him by the eye doctor.

“Goodness, you can’t see anything,” exclaimed the doctor, “I’m afraid you’re blind!”

“No, no,” replied the man, “I simply don’t know how to read the Hebrew!”

As we approach the High Holidays this year, some question their significance: does it really make a difference how I spend the holidays?

The truth is, intrinsically, we all care. We’re not blind to the importance of the High Holidays–we may just not know how to read Hebrew; we may not fully appreciate the meaning of the prayers and the sanctity of the day, but we can get there.

Let us make this year’s High Holidays truly meaningful by making our prayers personal.

Do not let language be a barrier; follow along in English–or in your preferred language–and find that point in prayer that inspires and uplifts you, bringing you to a place where you can truly experience a connection to G-d.