This week’s parsha looks at the importance of making time for those who matter most.

Have you heard the joke about the workaholic who never had a moment for his wife and children?

One day he receives a phone call from a woman who identifies herself as the CEO of a certain company, and asks to meet with him that evening in his office building regarding important matters.

As the businessman leaves his home at the appointed time, his wife expresses her frustration: “But I need you now!” she exclaims. “Can’t you reschedule?” “Sorry dear, it’s an important meeting,” he responds.

He arrives at the office building and enters the lobby…lo and behold – it’s his wife!

We’ve all been that businessman at one point or another in our lives – perhaps only momentarily, perhaps for longer – the point is that we all know how to make time for things that are of great value to us.

Let’s always ensure that our spouse and children are on the top of that list.

While cherishing family life is universal, it is particularly central to a Jewish way of life. Indeed, the Talmud recounts stories of great Tannaic sages who displayed exemplary respect for their spouses and family lives.

When we create a sacred space in our lives for our spouse and children, we allow ourselves to experience incredible beauty and growth in our most precious of relationships.

What’s more, as we seek to deepen the bond with our loved ones, we in turn strengthen so many other aspects of our life, ultimately imparting a true sense of identity and unwavering faith to the next generation.