The third time was the charm for Paul Rudd, as the Jewish actor hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. The veteran host had some serious competition from guest band One Direction, but he held his own against the British invasion, poking fun at the Directioners by going toe-to-toe with the tweens on Direction trivia.

In a skit from the One Direction concert line, Rudd asked,  “Do I love One Direction? I don’t know, is Liam’s favorite color purple? It is.” He braids a fan’s hair, sings “Best Song Ever” and owns a sea of small girls with plenty of One Direction trivia you never knew. Liam is afraid of spoons. Niles is a natural brunette. Rudd can scream like a little girl.

But the best musical number didn’t go to the British pop group. It resides with the “man band” from “Anchorman,” who joined the boys for a delightful rendition of “Afternoon Delight.”

Guest stars for the night included Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Will Ferrell, David Koechner, Steve Carell and… Bill Brasky. Fifteen years have been kind to the favored sketch character, as the legend grew Saturday. Check out the clip below!

J-Connection: Paul Rudd’s parents are both Jewish.