Shimon Peres was discharged from Sheba Medical Center and has returned home. He said, “I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. I am excited to return and serve my wonderful country that I love so much.”

The ninth president of Israel gave a brief statement as he left the hospital after suffering a heart attack last week, saying about the recent terror killing in Israel: “I saw what happened over the last few days in Israel. I want to hug the wonderful children of Dafna Meyer of blessed memory, a wonderful woman, and I send my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Michal Froman and her family.”

Peres also thanked his doctors:

“If, heaven forbid, you require medical treatment, Tel HaShomer is the place to be. I want to thank the medical staff, doctors and nurses for their wonderful care.”

“The last five days have been an interesting experience. I am so happy that I can return to work and finish recovering at home. I would first like to thank the medical staff, doctors and nurses, who treated me with remarkable dedication and devotion. Their care reminds me of the spirit of the founder of Tel HaShomer, who said that everyone is equal and that treatment should not only focus on the disease, but also on the patient. Anyone who, heaven forbid, needs to be treated, should come here. I feel rejuvenated and I am ready to return to serving our wonderful country that I love so much. I want to thank you all ,across the country, from the bottom of my heart for the concern and encouragement – I am moved by your love.”

Peres was admitted to the hospital last Thursday, where he underwent an angioplasty as well as several tests. Peres, who was stable and felt good throughout his stay in the hospital, took the time to speak with his doctor about nanotechnology and to thank all those who were concerned for his health.