Shimon Peres may be president of Israel, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost his sense of whimsy.

The Jewish leader decided to honor Purim with a Facebook homage to some disguises he himself has worn in the past, as a nod to the holiday custom of dressing up.

Purim is a great time dress up but not the only time. This is the disguise I wore in the mid-seventies when I would go to my meetings with King Hussein of Jordan before signing the peace agreements. The beauty of Purim is that it brings out the creativity in us all in celebration of a holiday that is all about fun! Share your costumes with me here, I am sure they are much better than mine. Happy Purim.

Peres also recently posted a photo of himself celebrating the holiday with a group of adorably-costumed children. Looks like someone is having a very happy Purim, indeed!

peres purim2