Today, Israel’s Holocaust trust published a series of photos showing where and how Jewish children were housed in France after being rescued in World War II.

These children’s homes were established to take in refugee children with nowhere else to turn. See more of the stunning images below.

From Yad Vashem:

One of the unique phenomena of the Holocaust period was the rescue of Jewish children in France: a network of protective homes established by different organizations, both Jewish and Christian, whose members rescued children and brought them to remote places, in order to protect them from persecution and enable them to live a normal life under abnormal circumstances.

Thanks to this rescue endeavor, thousands of Jewish children were saved. This is a story of courage and determination, a story of sacrifice, loyalty and dedication.

This exhibition tells the story of three children’s homes: the home in Chamonix, the home in Izieu, and the home in Chabannes.

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