Five US citizens have been granted a share of $81 million in compensation for a 1997 terror attack in Jerusalem.

The decision from a San Diego federal court ends a 10-year struggle, in which the plaintiffs accused Iran of negligence in providing training and money to Hamas terrorists that perpetrated the attack, which killed five, including three 14-year-old girls, and injured numerous others.

In 2003, a Washington court awarded a $70 million sum to the plaintiffs, but Iran dodged payment. In response, a Tel Aviv-based legal team, Shurat HaDin, applied to have the money paid out from Cubic Defense Systems, a San Diego military firm that has done past business deals with Iran.

Tuesday, Judge Barry Moskowitz ordered that $9 million be transferred to each of the nine plaintiffs, five of whom were victims of the Jerusalem bombing and four who are relatives of victims. Five of the plaintiffs are American citizens.

“While the US and EU are rushing to strengthen the law-breaking Iranian regime economically,” said lawyer Nitzana Darshan-Leitner, director of Shurat HaDin, in a statement, “Shurat HaDin and the families it represents are not forgetting and are not forgiving the Iranians for financing terror that hit Israel.”

“We still remember the heinous murders carried out by the Iranian proxy, Hamas, in 1997,” Darshan-Leitner added. “We are still fighting every single day for a measure of justice and compensation from the outlaw regimes that supported the terror organizations.”