Polls showing American attitudes to Jewish refugees in World War II have gone viral.

The polls, illustrated via graphs, were originally published by Fortune Magazine in 1938 and 1939, and are now making headlines thanks to Twitter users like @HistOpinion (Historical Opinion), which dug the figures up and shared them yesterday.

In 1938, 67.4 percent of Americans said they would not support accepting in German, Austrian, and other refugees into the US, likely pointing to the attitude regarding Jews particularly at the time, who were searching for sanctuary in droves at the height of Hitler’s rule.

When asked specifically in 1939 if 10,000 Jewish refugee children should be granted entrance to the US, 61 percent of respondents said no outright.

The poll is arguably being shared by those in favor of extending immigration access to Syrian refugees attempting to flee violence from the likes of ISIS and Bashar al-Assad.

The Fortune study showed less than 5 percent of Americans were in favor of letting the Jews in and raising immigration quotas to do so if necessary.