There have been a number of mystery occurrences around a porcupine pen at Ramat Gan Safari Park in Tel Aviv.

Now, zookeepers have discovered it is all due to a little porcupine looking for love.

For a while now, zookeepers had noticed little balls of poo outside female porcupine Dorit’s enclosure, but they thought that fellow keepers were just failing to clean up after the prickly gal.

Then, one night a keeper saw what looked like Dorit magically appearing outside her habitat.

Sure enough, in the morning, Dorit was back in her habitat, safe and sound.

Finally, the zoo decided to set up a camera, where they found out Dorit had a friend, a big hulking and wild porcupine.

The critter has only been spotted once, and zookeepers have no idea where he is hiding away during the daytime.

“If he is hiding inside the Safari, he’s doing it very efficiently” Sagit Horowitz, the Safari spokesperson said.

The large male’s appearance also has the zookeeper’s in a quandary.

Dorit was brought to the zoo by Good Samaritans after her mother was run over. She was just a tiny baby then.

In the eight years since, she has grown up to be a healthy adult porcupine who lives with three owls, but could not survive in the wild.

With the enclosure between them, Dorit and her suitor cannot mate, but they do not want to capture the wild porcupine and put him in the enclosure either, because that would make him a captive for the rest of his life.

For the time being then, the two porcupine lovers continue to meet at night, with the male coming to visit Dorit night after night.