Comedienne Sarah Silverman turned down the chance to star in hit TV drama Mad Men.

The funnywoman first met the show’s star Jon Hamm when he had a guest role on her show The Sarah Silverman Program in 2007, the same year Mad Men premiered.

Silverman became friends with Hamm and prior to shooting the pilot of the drama, he suggested she take on the role of one of his possible love interests.

She reveals, “He got this pilot, and I remembered he called me, and he said, ‘I think there’s a part in it that would be good for you. You should come audition for it. It’s like a Jewish department store owner.’ And I was like, ‘Jon, I have a show. I’m the star of it.’ So I blew that.”

Actress Maggie Siff eventually took on the role of Rachel Menken for two seasons in the multiple Emmy Award-winning series.

The seventh and final series of Mad Men ends in May.

J-Connection: Sarah Silverman is a Jewish performer.