Curious about Scarlett Johansson’s new superhero film? In “Lucy,” the newly pregnant actress gains incredible powers when she becomes an unwitting drug mule and the drugs accidentally enter her system.

Nerd haven io9 was present at Universal’s CinemoCon and saw a few minutes of footage and shared some details about the film, which sounds pretty ridiculous and amazing, always a good combination. They frequently compare the movie to “Kick Ass,” which has skeptics coming around.

First, io9 breaks down the premise of “Lucy:”

“The actual origin story to Lucy’s powers happens quickly and painfully. She’s abducted and a bag of white powder is stitched into her stomach (against her will). Then something goes wrong and the next thing you know a gang of Chinese men are beating the ever-loving shit out of her. The camera cuts to inside Lucy’s body, running along her veins (Three Kings style but less organic) and the the bag breaks from all the kicking. She starts to change.

“The drugs travel through her system, transforming her into an ass-kicking machine. She’s thrown into prison, and all the while she’s changing. There’s close up shot on her eye, everytime she blinks, her eyeball changes color. She’s different.”

Lucy’s powers sound pretty cool:

“Her powers are growing, it looks like Lucy wants revenge on the mob that got her in this spot in the first situation. She pulls up into a car and can see everyone on their phone, they have colored streams running from the phone to the sky, she is literally looking at the conversations people are having in the air. She pulls one out, expands it, and reads the conversation.”

Thats a superhero power we haven’t seen before (although to be fair it could definitely be the abilities of one of the 10,000,000 X-Men).

Johansson’s character can control time, too!

“Lucy appears in a Times Square-like metropolitan center. She lifts up her hands and stops time, then she swipes to the left (tinder style) and fast forwards time. She’s basically an omnipotent being at this point.The whole thing ends with our main character in a hallway, she’s surrounded by a ton of thugs all pointing guns at her. The guy in the middle tells her to stop. She waves her hands, and everyone falls to the ground around him. He’s alone, she attacks.”

Will you be seeing Scarlett Johansson as Lucy when the movie hits theaters?

J-Connection: Newly pregnant Scarlett Johansson is Jewish.