Director Jonathan Glazer promised to cut Scarlett Johansson’s nude scene from new movie “Under the Skin” if he felt the footage was in any way gratuitous.

The pregnant star’s alien character strips in a pivotal scene in the movie and Johansson admits she struggled with the idea of having to disrobe, until the filmmaker assured her he’d only use the footage if it was necessary for the storyline.


She told WENN, “You have to weigh the value of the risk that you’re taking. Is this gratuitous? Is this a vanity project? Or is this an important part of this character’s journey to self-discovery? What’s the game? Of course the last thing Jonathan wanted to do was take the audience out of the story and have this nudie alien shot!

“Going into this we talked about it and he said, ‘I do not want that at all, so, if the value of storytelling is suddenly overshadowed by the freak factor – for lack of a better term, then I’m not gonna put it in.’ So knowing the door was always kind of open and it would be there if it was right made me much more comfortable.”

But the actress insists fans shouldn’t think her flesh flash will be repeated: “I’m not a provocative person and it’s not like I live for being photographed in the buff!

“It actually made me aware when I was doing it of all the kind of judgments and how self-conscious you can be about the way you look and your own vanity. I had to be liberated of that and it was challenging because I realized I really am self-conscious about this.”

J-Connection: Scarlett Johansson is a Jewish actress.