The Orthodox man that recently returned to the US after imprisonment in Bolivia is reportedly hiding out with actor Sean Penn.

Reports surfaced recently that Jacob Ostreicher had either been released or escaped from Bolivia, where he had been held on house arrest for two years on suspicion of money laundering. The New Jersey native was allegedly in the country for his investment in a rice-growing field.

Now, Penn has told the Associated Press that Ostreicher is indeed back in the states, and is receiving medical care at an undisclosed location.

Penn said in an email to the AP that the father-of-five was removed from Bolivia in a “humanitarian operation,” to save him “from the corrupt prosecution and imprisonment he was suffering in Bolivia.”

The Oscar winner has been a longtime advocate for the campaign to get Ostreicher released.

Anonymous state department sources confirmed this week that Ostreicher had been admitted back into the country, but much mystery remained surrounding the details of his return.

The Bolivian government is now calling Ostreicher a fugitive and is considering a request to the government for extradition, according to the AP.

Following his 2011 arrest, a campaign to release Ostreicher was launched in the US, to little success. Penn acted as an intermediary between the US and Bolivian governments in the meantime.

Family members told New Jersey’s Lakewood Scoop recently that Ostreicher’s whereabouts were unknown for a week before they received news he was back in the US.