Benjamin Netanyahu has been in the international news for his role as prime minister of Israel, currently acting as one of the leading opposition voices against the nuclear Iran deal that the Jewish state considers an existential threat.

However, Bibi–as he is affectionately known–has been speaking out for Israel for decades. As a young man, he served in the IDF, and as a newly-graduated MIT student he appeared on a debate panel in Boston, defending the need for a Jewish state.

Below, we’ve catalogued a series of photos characterizing Netanyahu’s lead up to the premiership. You can see him alongside his late father Benzion Netanyahu, who was himself an esteemed Israeli scholar and activist. You can also see Bibi’s brother Yoni Netanyahu, the Entebbe hero who died saving more than 100 Israeli and Jewish hostages.

However you may feel about his politics, these images stand as a testament to the decades of service the Netanyahu family has committed to the Jewish state.

bibi and yoni
Bibi, left, with Yoni in military uniform.
Benjamin Netanyahu and his father, Benzion.
bibi and yoni
Bibi (left) and his beloved brother Yoni.
bibi and benzion
Netanyahu and his father Benzion (right), an Israeli scholar and activist.
A young Netanyahu appears on Boston TV in a debate on Israel.
young bibi
Netanyahu can be seen here with defense leader Ehud Barak, center. Both men would go on to become Israeli prime ministers.
netanyahu's brothers
Benjamin Netanyahu (left), with his brothers Yoni Netanyahu (middle) and Iddo Netanyahu (right).
netanyahu idf
An Israeli Defense Forces ID photo of Netanyahu.