Larry Thomas, who is better known as Jerry Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi”—the anti-hero of a classic seventh-season episode—was in Israel this week for an acting job.

“It’s my first time in Israel and I brought my 87-year-old mother for her birthday,” Thomas told a reporter from “Good Evening with Guy Pines.”

Thomas, who was nominated for an Emmy for his Soup Nazi role, was taped skipping down Nahalat Binyamin Street in Tel Aviv.

The American actor—who reprised his role in the “Seinfeld” finale—has appeared in many commercials worldwide, often recreating his role as the fierce, ill-tempered owner of a New York City soup stand who demanded that his customers adhere to his arbitrary rules or not be served.
The Seinfeld role was based upon the owner of a soup stand in midtown Manhattan.

According to several TV blogs, Thomas did not realize the Soup Nazi role was based upon a real person, and used Omar Sharif’s accent from “Lawrence of Arabia” as his inspiration for the character’s tone.

The actor said that he is often asked to say, “No soup for you!”—the line of dismissal used by his character in the show. However, no one has heard it in Hebrew just yet.