Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfeld performed to sold-out crowds in Tel Aviv.

Seinfeld performed two shows during the night of December 19 and then two more during the evening of December 20 at an 11,000-seat basketball stadium. These performances were Seinfeld’s first in Israel.

“Oh my god, I’m in Israel!” Seinfeld said at the beginning of his first one-hour show. Seinfeld then proceeded to take questions from the audience during his encore, but he did not talk about Israel’s security situation or even talk about Israel specifically during his routine.

Seinfeld, who starred in the eponymous hit TV show in the 1990s, had last visited Israel in 2007 while he was promoting “The Bee Movie.” Seinfeld had also volunteered at an Israeli kibbutz in 1971.

J-Connection: Jerry Seinfeld is one of the funniest Jewish guys we know.