Former Israeli President Shimon Peres revealed plans yesterday to sustain Israel’s status as a Start-up Nation at the Ministry of Education.

This program is a partnership between large Israeli high-tech companies as well as leading foundations, with the goal of promoting the study of mathematics. Through this program, which aims to promote equal opportunity, for the first time the Ministry of Education will allow all high schools in Israel to teach 5 units of mathematics, and the year will open with around 100 new courses already in place. Additionally the Ministry has set as a target goal that, within 4 years, the number of schools offering 5 units of mathematics will double, reaching 18,000 students.

Former President Shimon Peres for years has been strongly promoting Israeli innovation, science, neuroscience, and nanotechnology. Peres believes that in order to maintain the comparative advantage of the state of Israel in the face of international markets, it is imperative to improve the educational infrastructure, and therefore he accepted the Minister of Education’s request to promote this important national program, stating:

“Israel is blessed with talent that can reach unforeseen heights, but we must be vigilant. We must not accept a situation in which, in the state of Israel, children with the desire and drive to study five units of mathematics for matriculation are unable to do so because of a lack of means. The question of finance can be placed on the back-burner and dealt with at a later time – educational deficits can never be repaired. Israel is the symbol of the Start-up Nation, but nothing lasts forever! Being the Start-up Nation is one step – you cannot achieve scientific excellence once and declare it enough. In order to stand tall in the face of global competition in the international market, Israel must strongly invest in its students, enabling them to receive a first-class science education. Science and technology professionals rely on mathematics, and therefore, the active promotion of academic and scientific excellence is essential, necessary, and imperative for the interest of Israel’s future.”

Peres took up this task, and today, released video clips aimed at inspiring and motivating Israeli students to study five units of advanced math and science.

Minister of Education Naftali Bennett said: “The phrase ‘equality of opportunity’ is becoming a hollow reality. Gone are the days in which students who wanted to study five units for matriculation, but because of his place of residence, could not. No student from Ofakim has less potential than a student from Savion, he just requires fewer obstacles. So from now on we will no longer block him, and will allow him to study five units of mathematics.”