Past Israeli President Shimon Peres spent today’s Tu B’Shvat holiday with children from Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Peres, who also previously served as the Jewish state’s prime minister, greeted the smiling youths through his Peres Center for Peace organization, which organizes programs and advocates positions that might one day lead to peace in the Middle East.

Peres is a past recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

From the Peres Center for Peace:

This morning, our lovely neighbors from a school in Yafo came to visit us to wish us Happy Tubishvat. Shimon Peres שמעון פרס welcomed them and invited them to his terrace.

Tu B’Shvat is a Jewish holiday known as “The New Year of the Trees,” and is often described as the Jewish Arbor Day.

shimon peres tu b'shvat