Shimon Peres sent a special “thank you” video message to the American People, the American Administration, and President Obama today, for the gift of F-35 fighter jets to Israel.

Past Israeli President Peres said: “Thank you to the United States for providing Israel with the most sophisticated and most unique air weapon that exists in the world […] unmatched in its importance to the security and the future of our country.”

Regarding President Obama’s friendship with Israel Peres said: “Throughout his 8 years of presidency, when it came to the security of Israel, he worked first and foremost to do whatever he could to provide us with security, with the strength to fight our enemies, but also with the strength to look for peace and friendship.”

Peres concluded his message by sending a special thank you to the American people, American Administration, and President Obama saying: “Thank you President Obama. As throughout your presidency, when it came to the security and future of Israel, you were generous and fair, and this is a special act of friendship. Thanks to America, thanks to the American people, thank you President Obama.”

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Erica Terry is Managing Editor at Jspace News. She has reported on domestic and international news, Israeli politics, features and more for Jewish publications in New York, Miami and London.