During the memorial service that took place this morning at the Great Leaders of the Nation Cemetery on Mount Herzl, attended by the family and friends of the late Ninth President, statements were made by the President of the State of Israel Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin, Prime Minister of the State of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu, and Yael Peres and Mika Almog, granddaughters of the late Ninth President.

President Rivlin began the ceremony saying:
“Above all of your successes, you had a huge soul. You never tired and never rested. You worked tirelessly on building a future not only for Israel, but for the entire world.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu commemorated the late Ninth President, announcing that the Nuclear Reactor in Dimona will be named in his honor, and said: “I wish to announce here that, upon my request, the Committee for Nuclear Energy has decided to rename the Dimona nuclear reactor facility after Shimon Peres – an appropriate name after a man of vision and a man of action. Shimon had numerous contributions – contributions to peace, to economics, to increasing immigration to Israel, to encouraging Israeli innovation, but all of these are only possible if our defense is secure.

Shimon was a beacon of knowledge and curiosity. Eyes shining, he would weave dreams and hopes with his indestructible optimism.”

Yael Peres, the late Ninth President’s granddaughter, remembered her grandfather and said:
“You never failed to make me laugh. I loved hearing your first-hand accounts of the history of Israel. You were always the cool grandfather – wearing your beautiful sunglasses. Even at the age of 90 you still looked young. I love you with no end and miss you so much.”

Mika Almog, granddaughter of the late Ninth President, said: “This feeling, this loss, echoes in the hearts of the people of Israel. But there is something imperative to understand: there will never be a single day without Shimon Peres. Just as there is no building without a foundation, no victory without bravery, and no future without hope. There will never be a day without Shimon Peres. I promise you this, Grandfather. But even more importantly, I promise to ensure the future of our children. So rest in peace, because we will not rest for a moment.”

Among the mourners who gathered at the unveiling ceremony were young Jews and Arabs from across Israel who participate in the programs and activities of the Peres Center for Peace with the aim of promoting shared-living and peacebuilding.