Shimon Peres visited Pope Francis at the Vatican this morning to discuss “their shared vision for a peaceful future and an end to violence.”

Peres, Israel’s ninth president and a past prime minister, said: “Unfortunately, since our last meeting, much blood has been spilled in our region and in streets around the world. We are witnessing increased terrorist acts against innocent people, and the use of the name of G-d to murder and kill.

“We cannot remain indifferent to the tens of thousands of refugees, victims and children who have been wounded and have lost family members and their homes. We have a moral obligation to our children to stop the hatred and bloodshed.”

Peres is the head of Peres Center for Peace. The Center said the following today:

“On this ‪‎World Refugee Day‬ we honor all of those searching for a better future for their loved ones, and look forward to a day of peace and prosperity for all.”

The Pope and Peres spoke about advancing science, technology and education in areas of conflict, such as Africa and the Middle East, and the influence of social networks and Facebook for younger generations around the world, and agreed on a common course of action to promote dialogue and peace among the millions of young people around the world through Facebook and social networking tools to inspire the younger generation.