Six accused Israeli collaborators were shot today in Gaza.

The men were accused of spying for Israel, and shot one by one without trial or conviction.

The bodies reportedly remained in a heap in the middle of the street, as hundreds gathered to kick and spit on the bodies.

An incensed mob chanted “Spy! Spy!” according to the Times of Israel.

A video of another accused Israeli conspirator being dragged from the back of a Hamas motorcycle was also circulating online today.

Today’s actions came after a similar killing last Friday, when Hamas shot Ashraf Quaida for Israeli espionage.

A poster was hung from Quaida’s body accusing him of traitorous acts, as his corpse was left on display for civilians to see.

Hamas’ al-Aqsa radio said today the six killed were “caught red-handed” with “hi-tech equipment and filming equipment to take footage of positions.”