Two Slovak Members of Parliament (MPs) on Wednesday wore yellow star badges reminiscent of what Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust in a session to protest the recent parliamentary debut of a far-right political party they called “fascist.”

Ondrej Dostal, an MP from the liberal SaS party, compared Slovakia’s “People’s Party – Our Slovakia” faction—which won parliament seats for the first time earlier this month—to Germany’s Nazi party.

“It’s significant that exactly 83 years after this act, Slovak fascists have marched into the Slovak parliament. It’s dangerous and we want to highlight this,” Dostal said.

Our Slovakia won 14 seats in the country’s March 5 election. The party is known for its anti-Roma/gypsy, anti-immigration, and anti-corruption stance. Its leader, Marian Kotleba, has spoken fondly of Slovakia’s World War II-era regime that was led by Nazi sympathizer Jozef Tiso.

Leading up to the election, Kotleba and his supporters dressed in black uniforms inspired by the Nazi-sponsored Slovak State uniforms worn during WWII.

“We are not fascists or neo-Nazis, although we might appear extremist compared to other lukewarm parties,” one of the Our Slovakia party’s lawmakers, Milan Uhrik, said. “We will stay in opposition for no