An Israeli woman has turned her love of snakes and desire to help others into a unique business. Ada Barak, who lives on a farm near Haifa, offers snake massages.

“When I do a massage, I place five snakes on a person’s back, all at the same time,” Barak says of her unique therapeutic procedure. “The largest will be eight feet long, a king snake, and good for soothing stiff muscles.”

Barak stumbled upon snake therapy when she was giving a talk on plants and discovered one of the women in the audience had recently fallen off a horse and was in pain. So, Barak offered to let the woman use her snake to massage her sore muscles. It worked so well Barak decided to offer her unique snake therapy to others.

According to Barak, once the snakes are placed on the client they go wherever they please, crawling all over the person’s body. The slow motion of the snakes, as well as the crawling action, helps people relax and offers a unique massage experience.

Despite the fact the idea of letting snakes run loose on the body is creepy to some, Barak’s massages have proven popular. Although she maintains no web site and does not advertise, her business is booming and she has a long client list.

Not everyone, though, thinks snake massages are a good idea. Barak admits she does not have scientific studies supporting the benefit of snake massages and her own cousin, who is a doctor, “thinks it’s crazy.”

Barak though has no plans to stop her unique practice.

“People fly in from all parts of the world to find my little farm,” she said. “I’m 60, and as long as people want a snake massage, I shall continue.”