A French soccer player doubled down on a neo-Nazi salute over the weekend, comparing his actions to those of US President Barack Obama.

Nicolas Anelka made headlines for giving the notorious quenelle salute after scoring a goal in the English Premier League Saturday. The salute, which includes one arm lowered with the other stretched across the chest, is seen as a modern day take on the Nazi salute.

After the salute drew controversy over the weekend, Anelka sought to defend himself, posting a picture to his Twitter account of Obama with rapper Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé. In the post Anelka claimed the group was also making the quenelle salute.


In reality, the president and his guests were mimicking the “brush your shoulders off” portion of a dance that accompanies Jay Z’s hit, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.”

The quenelle has gained in popularity in recent months, with an Instagram trend of posing at Holocaust memorials giving the salute. It is largely accredited to French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, who has famously found himself in legal trouble numerous times for anti-Semitic comments.

Saturday, Anelka also tweeted that his actions at the soccer match were a sort of tribute to his “friend” Dieudonne.


England’s Football Association has already opened an investigation into the matter.