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Why Does Steph Curry Have a Hebrew Tattoo?


David Blatt is by far the most Jewish element of this year’s NBA Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers coach has all of Israel behind him and has talked about embracing his Jewish side while coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv.

But the most unexpected Jewish element of this year’s finals may be a tattoo on the Golden State Warriors guard and regular season MVP Steph Curry – which is written in Hebrew.

The tattoo, located on Curry’s right wrist, is a passage from 1 Corinthians 13:8 in the New Testament that translates to “love never fails” (his wife got a matching tattoo).

steph curry hebrew tattoo

However, the sharp-shooting guard is most definitely not Jewish, and the New Testament was written in Greek – so why is the star guard’s ink in Hebrew?

One clue lies in Curry’s mom Sonya, who co-founded a Christian Montessori school with her husband (former NBA player Dell Curry). According to the Jerusalem Post, she has been studying Hebrew for four years.

Does that mean that Steph can actually read his own Hebrew tattoo?

“I can’t. I’m working on it,” Curry told Sport 5 TV.

Curry and the Warriors take on the Cavs tonight in Game4 of the Finals. The Cavaliers are currently one game ahead in the best-of-seven series.



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