We really do love ranking things. Why else would Buzzfeed exist if not to tell us all the best quotes from “Mean Girls” in numerical order?

One more list you can enjoy–one that will make you alternately jealous, infuriated and miserable–is Forbes’ annual tallying of most influential celebrities. 2013’s edition chose Steven Spielberg as the man with the most influence.


What was this selection based on? E-Poll Market Research gave Spielberg a score of 47 for influence. That means that 47 percent of Americans believe Steven Spielberg is a big fish.

To be fair, the director’s most recent film did make a big splash. “Lincoln” grossed $275 in the global box office, with two thirds of that coming from overseas, where it’s pretty hard to sell a historical drama about an American president. But people not only bought those tickets, they loved the movie, as well. “Lincoln” garnered 12 Academy Award nominations and two wins. That’s a success in anyone’s book (or, in Forbes’ case, magazine).

“A celebrity’s ‘Influential’ score represents how that person is perceived as influencing the public, their peers, or both,” E-Poll Market Research president Gerry Philpott said. “If anyone doubts that Steven Spielberg has greatly influenced the public, think about how many will think for a second before going into the water this summer.”

J-Connection: Steven Spielberg is Jewish.