A Spanish hotel built on the site of an ancient shul has opened a synagogue on one of its floors.

Now, visitors to the Parador de Lorca hotel in the Spanish region of Murcia can worship on the hotel’s seventh floor, and visit a Jewish cultural center highlighting the history of the Jews in Spain.

The synagogue was opened after hotel management teamed with the Sefarad Beitenu Jewish association, which will run the temple.

During construction of the hotel, the remains of a 15th-century synagogue were unearthed. Several preservation groups protested continued building of the hotel, arguing that the archaeological finds must take precedence.

The findings included a mikveh, which was worked into the final building plans of the hotel. Other artifacts uncovered during construction are also on display on the seventh floor.

The resort opened last year, and staff signed a deal with Sefarad Beitenu to run the new synagogue earlier this month.