Veganism has taken off in Israel, with the number of vegan eaters doubling in just the past two years.

Now, to celebrate the growing vegan movement and encourage others to embrace the no animal product diet, Tel Aviv will host its first ever vegan congress next month.


Sponsored by Vegan Friendly Israel, the one-day event, to be held on March 7, will be a volunteer and activism trade fair of sorts, which will allow attendees to learn more about veganism in Israel as well as the organizations fighting for non-animal food sourcing.

“The concept is to take all the activities and projects that different organizations are doing and connect them to people out there looking to be more active, and talk about the situation in Israel so that every year we can meet and talk about changes that have taken place and what we can do in the future,” Omri Paz, founder of Vegan Friendly Israel, said.

Paz added that attendees to the conference do not need to be worried about being confronted by gruesome images or other shock tactics employed by some groups to prove the cruelty of industrialized agriculture.

“The Vegan Friendly mission is to publicize the positive side of veganism, so we avoid anything bloody or negative. That’s how we got into the mainstream so easily,” he stressed.

In addition to the fair, Vegan Friendly Israel also has scheduled other events throughout the year to celebrate the vegan movement and encourage more Israelis to embrace a plant-based lifestyle.

A Veganmobile, staffed by Vegan Friendly members, will drive from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat to promote veganism. The group will also host a vegan barbeque on Yom Haatzma’ut and a cheese-free Shavout festival to help others see just how easy being a vegan in Israel can be.

“Businesses finally see us as a market. Our Facebook group has tens of thousands of followers and thousands of recipes,” Paz said. “Israel is probably the country where it’s easiest to be vegan in the whole world.”