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Temeh Helping Ultra-Orthodox Women Become Tech-Savvy Business Owners


Women in Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community have long worked to support their large families.

Now, a group of Israelis has teamed up to help frum women gain the skills they need to run successful businesses on their own.

Temech, an organization that helps support ultra-Orthodox women innovators, recently held a conference in Jerusalem for 600 women in all stages of business development.

One of the main goals of the day was to help the women feel more comfortable about using the internet and technology to make their businesses thrive.

“Many women in this community are not comfortable with the internet,” Hilary Faverman, one of the day’s presenters, told The Media Line. “I am here to empower women and help them identify their voice, determine a target market, and figure out how to get your message across effectively.”

Shaindy Babad, the CEO of Temech, said that many women who have had home-based businesses for years are ready to step out and take their work to the next level and having internet and marketing skills will be a big help.

“Women are ready to step out more,” Babad said. “If they were selling cakes from their home or doing something really small, they understand that they can grow that and take it out to new markets.”

Babad, who has worked in the high-tech industry in Israel for twenty years, stressed that in the past two decades more ultra-Orthodox women have been embracing tech and have even found employment in high tech fields.

Still, support of organizations like Temech is much needed to help the women take the leap from the home to tech-savvy businesswomen.

“There is something holding many of these women back,” presenter Idit Neudelfer said. “They put themselves behind the men, behind the children. And I say bring yourself to the front. That’s a huge thing for them.”

One successful businesswoman said, though, said that for her the key for her has been not pushing ahead, but learning to balance.

“You want to see your business grow but you don’t want to neglect your family,” Shayna Poupko said. “It’s an issue that Orthodox women deal with on a continuous basis.”



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