By Michael Zeff
Tazpit News Agency

Thousands took to the streets of Jerusalem on Sunday, celebrating the annual Jerusalem Day. Marking the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation during the Six-Day War, Jerusalem Day is a national and international holiday drawing thousands of visitors from all over the country and the world.

The day is marked with street dancing and parades taking place in the city center and through the Old City itself. The official ceremony and main event took place on the historical site of the Ammunition Hill, where a crucial battle for the liberation of Jerusalem took place during the Six-Day War.

In preparations for the annual Jerusalem Day festivities, security forces bolstered their presence in the city and especially around the parade route. In order to reduce friction and prevent clashes between the Jewish youth marching in the “Flag Parade” and east Jerusalem Muslim rioters.

Following the trail of the “Flag Parade” in the Old City, Israeli activists held the “Flower Parade” where they handed flowers to Arab residents of the Old City as a token of peace and coexistence.

Marring the festivities, a riot erupted during the traditional Jerusalem Day “Flag parade” on Sunday. Dozens of Arabs arrived at the Damascus Gate and began throwing stones and glass bottles at security forces.

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