La Brea

La Brea & Beverly

Come to this cozy neighborhood on a spring or summer Friday night and you’ll see Hasidim in black suits and fedoras or overcoats and gigantic fur hats (“shtreimels”), rushing to get to shul before Shabbat just as a somewhat-smaller number of hardcore cinema fans rush to catch the beginning of a double-bill at the Quentin Tarantino-owned New Beverly Cinema. This is a neighborhood where the avowedly insular world of today’s Orthodox and Haredi brushes against the multicultural and secular world of Los Angeles. As if to underline the point, strictly glatt kosher eateries like Elite Cuisine and the only-in-L.A. Meshuga 4 Sushi stand alongside a Honeybaked Ham and, until it went out of business a couple of years back, the Pig, a barbecue joint where the occasional shamefaced nonobservant Jew could be seen skulking over a plate of spareribs.