The words “Trump” and “Nazi” are in headlines again today, after a Trump supporter told protesters to “Go to Auschwitz” at a rally over the weekend.

“Go to Auschwitz,” said an unidentified man in a Yankees T-shirt. “Go to f—ing Auschwitz.”

The exchange, which was caught on tape, came after a flow of Hitler comparisons for GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, following media skirmishes over KKK support and Hitler-esque hand raising.

This weekend saw the Nazi equations shift from the Republican candidate to his supporters, however, who were recorded in violent and provocative situations at various campaign rallies.

A Trump rally was shut down Friday night in Chicago after some of his supporters clashed with protestors. Video of a Trump supporter punching an African American man made headlines, and comedian Bill Maher played it on his HBO show that night.

Jeffrey Goldberg, writer for The Atlantic, shared one appropriately sardonic thought to Twitter:

trump auschwitz