New York Times editor Jonathan Weisman called out anti-Semitism among Donald Trump supporters on Twitter, and was immediately flooded with anti-Semitism by Trump supporters on Twitter.

In a tweet Thursday, Weisman alluded to the ugly response to a GQ article last month by Julia Ioffe that profiled Trump’s wife, Melania Trump. Ioffe received a slew of anti-Semitic threats over the phone and on social media from Trump supporters for her portrayal of the would-be first lady — but Trump didn’t question the views of these supporters, and his wife said their anti-Semitism was “provoked.”

In the same tweet, Weisman mentioned that the Ku Klux Klan is “all in” for Trump — a reference to David Duke, a former Klan leader and notorious anti-Semite who voiced support for Trump. It took Trump months to disavow Duke’s backing.

Lastly, in the same 140 characters, Weisman mocked Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s recent change of heart on Trump — a candidate he spurned for most of the campaign.

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Weisman’s tweet caught the eye of Twitter user “Cyber Trump,” a Trump supporter and anti-Semitic troll, who proceeded to bait the Washington, D.C.-based Jewish journalist into a response.

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After the exchange made waves in the Twitterverse, the anti-Semitic deluge only got far, far worse. Weisman retweeted the responses.

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Some took notice and attempted to throw Weisman a life preserver.

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But Weisman ultimately had to check out, presumably lest he go off the deep end.

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