Kiev Jews gathered Wednesday to pray for their country, hours after a police raid in Independence Square left dozens injured.

The gatherers joined at the famed Brodsky Synagogue December 11, drawing what is being called a “record” crowd. Together, congregants recited psalms of peace.

Ukraine’s citizens have been in a state of unrest since protests erupted over President Viktor Yanukovich’s decision not to sign a European Union association agreement.

“We cannot be indifferent in this moment,” Ukraine’s Chabad chief rabbi, Moshe Azman, said in a statement.

“We pray to the Almighty to help Ukraine and give His blessing to its people.”

Some in the Jewish community have joined in with the protests, though Rabbi Azman is cautioning patience in light of Ukraine’s violent history against Jews.

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Erica Terry is Managing Editor at Jspace News. She has reported on domestic and international news, Israeli politics, features and more for Jewish publications in New York, Miami and London.