Wendy Sherman, the US Undersecretary of State, was in Israel over the weekend meeting with leaders in Jerusalem regarding ongoing P5+1 nuclear talks in Vienna.

Sherman, one of America’s main diplomats at the negotiations, briefed Israeli officials on efforts to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.


“There is only one measure of success of a comprehensive agreement with Iran and that is an agreement that Iran will never obtain a nuclear weapon and that the international community will have assurance in the exclusively peaceful nature of a nuclear program in Iran,” Sherman said in her remarks, some of which were republished on the US State Department website. “That is our objective.”

The P5+1 talks, which involve Iran and six world powers, have a goal of reaching some kind of permanent solution to the nuclear question by the end of July.

Striking a diplomatic tone, Sherman said she was excited for the two nations to work together, despite their differences on the issue.

“I very much look forward to the talks that I will have here in Israel, which I always do before and after each negotiation to get input, ideas, points of view,” Sherman said, according to the State Department. “Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t agree. But what is critical is to have that input as we move forward to ensure the security of Israel, the security of the United States, and the security of the world.”

But in other remarks some speculate were aimed at Israel, Sherman pointedly expressed hope that the talks would be allowed to proceed smoothly, and without outside interference, notes the Israel National News.

“We don’t enter these talks with rose-colored glasses and we don’t know yet if we can resolve this diplomatically,” Sherman said, according to Haaretz. “It will be critical that our negotiators and partners have the space to get this done diplomatically. The talks with Iran will be very hard and we can’t afford to make it even harder.”

Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have expressed concerns that Iran is attempting to build a nuclear weapon that could be used against Israel. Netanyahu has warned the West not to grow complacent, and alleged that even as the talks are continuing, Iran is continuing to enrich uranium.