The White House confirmed today that it had prior knowledge of Israel’s successful attempts to intercept a shipment of Iranian weapons to Gaza.

The IDF thwarted the smuggling attempt early this morning, with the US saying this afternoon that the two allies conferred in the operation.


“The White House directed the Department of Defense to monitor the vessel,” State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said, adding that the US was ready to take “unilateral steps” to stop the transfer if necessary.

Psaki said Israel instead offered to handle the situation on its own.

Meanwhile, Israeli President Shimon Peres spoke out today on the matter, using it as an example of the threat Iran poses to the Jewish state on a daily basis.

“The capture of the ship carrying arms to Hamas was a brilliant military operation and an extremely important act. We can see the quality and courage of those who took part and we are proud of them. It is also an important message to the world, beginning with Iran. Iran must stop bluffing,” Peres said.

“This operation exposes the true face of Iran, which says one thing but does the opposite. They put on an innocent face and send the most dangerous missiles to a terror organization that kills innocents, in violation of international law. Iran must make up its mind either to tell the truth and respect international law or admit that it is all camouflage and we cannot trust their policy or declaration.”