Would you pay $100,000 for a pair of used sneakers? Me neither. Would you pay $100,000 for a pair of Drake’s used sneakers? Me neither… but someone else would and did.

A pair of the “Hold On We’re Going Home” rapper’s kicks that were given away to a fan have received the ridiculous auction bid of $100,000. Talk about re-gifting! The Canadian-born rapper gave away several pairs of promo sample sale Nike Air Jordan sneakers when he attended a Toronto Raptors basketball game in Toronto, Canada last weekend.

One of the lucky recipients wasted no time in putting a pair up on eBay. The shoes quickly received a high bid of almost 100 Gs.

The Air Jordan’s, a size-11 black pair, are shown on eBay alongside a message from the seller, which reads, “I received them from Drake himself at Drake night at the Raptors. Drake was seen wearing the same ones at the game that night.”

Someone clearly has a lot of disposable income.

J-Connection: Canadian rapper Drake is Jewish.