Anne video

Anne Frank’s physical appearance is known to most who have even just briefly learned about the young Holocaust diarist.

Her short, dark hair and crooked smile have been immortalized in the tens of millions of copies of “The Diary of Anne Frank” that have been sold around the world.


Today, the world can also see moving images of the Shoah heroine, who lost her life to Nazi hands at the age of 15.

A brief but touching clip from July 1941 of Anne leaning out a window has been in the ownership of the Anne Frank House, which has also made the video available online to the public. In the clip, believed to be the only video footage of the teen, Anne is stretching out to get a look at a young man and woman, neighbors of Anne’s who have just been married.

The married couple actually donated the footage to the Anne Frank House, a museum and trust located in the building of the annex Anne hid in with her family for two years. It is during that time that Anne penned her famous diary, which became a world best seller following her death.

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