Patriotism, loyalty to the Jewish state and respect for human beings are the fundamental values that charge IDF soldiers and are the foundation of the IDF’s Code of Ethics. The different units of the IDF donate their time and skills to aid the community, the sick and the environment. Contributing to society is what distinguishes us from other armies.

Ground Forces’ Project “Our Generation”

As part of this special project, 30 officers from the Technological Brigade volunteer in two high schools in Ramla and help the students with their homework and their studies for their final exams. Maj. Shiran Pepo, the manager of this project on behalf of the Technological Brigade, elaborates: “This project’s objective is to instill in the students the sense of capability and the motivation and go on to succeed in their future civilian lives.”

The officers, who are trained engineers, help the students and prepare them to be part of the IDF and later on, the Israeli workforce. The project combines two leading values – Zionism and educating the youth.

Cleaning Our Beaches

Fifty soldiers and officers from the Home Front Command serving in northern Israel, in conjunction with the town of Tiberias, cleaned the shores of the Sea of Galilee with the aim of improving the environment and teaching soldiers about the importance of the topic.

“The activity is part of an annual program of environmental education that is then translated into action,” explained Sgt. Elias Asayag, the manager of the Regional Center for the Environment. “Our goal is to save resources and reduce the ecological footprint for the benefit of future generations.”

Helping to Educate the Future Generation

High-ranking officers in the Routine Security Company of the Israel Navy, the Ashdod 916 Company, arrive weekly to the city of Ramla, where they play with children, help them do their homework and repaint their school with them. Their touching, important work with the children is part of an annual program that empowers the children of Ramla through education.

idf soldiers volunteer

Spreading the Spirit in Israeli Hospitals

The soldiers of Division 282 of the Artillery Corps volunteered their time to entertain and encourage the children hospitalized in the Ziv Hospital in Safed. The soldiers traveled there as part of a project “Cooperation with the Community”, which offers its participants a volunteer day in hospitals across the country with the purpose of bringing joy to the sick.

Creating A Better Place for the Entire Community

The Transportation Battalion “Knights of the Center” from the Technology and Logistics Branch took part in the project “Defending Nature”, which encourages IDF soldiers and officers to protect the environment. The “Knights of the Center” developed their own special activity during the project – they chose to restore and nourish winter natural pools in a river near their base. During the project, the soldiers cleared winter pools, paved roads, and built and installed ecological lounges that surrounded the site. Everyone benefits from this new, natural, home-like space: the nearest community and the entire country.

Cheering Up the Children: A Special Bond

A moving, new collaboration between the non-profit organization “Lehoshit Yad” (“reaching out a hand” in Hebrew) and the soldiers of an IAF squadron has created a strong bond between ten children and adolescents who have cancer or Hematology and air patrol technicians. The young members of the “Lehoshit Yad” organization visited the squadron for a day and received a tour of the base. They also participated in simulations and took part in a Laser shooting exercise. At the end of the day, each child received an honorary pin of the “Tzofit” airplane.

Corporal Yuval, the air patrol technician who initiated the children’s visit, shares her experience: “When we see the children so excited and happy, we’re happy too. It’s great to know that apart from defending our country, we can also help civilians in a more direct manner.”

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