On October 28, Walmart pulled from its shelves an IDF soldier Halloween costume and a controversial “Sheik Fagin” nose after outrage on social media and from an Arab anti-discrimination group.

According to the New York Times, Walmart’s online shop stopped the sale of the fake nose that was described as “perfect for an Arab sheik” just hours after the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee conveyed concern that the fake nose would be used in “racist anti-Arab costumes.”

The BBC reported that the “Sheikh Fagin nose,” which is a latex prosthetic nose that the Walmart website says is “perfect for an Arab sheikh,” also received criticism for its name, which evokes the stereotypical greedy Jew in Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist.”
The company that makes the noses told the newspaper that they would “definitely discontinue it.”

Arab bloggers who also criticized an Israeli soldier costume also managed to get the costume pulled from the shelves. The costume, which looks like a uniform worn by Israeli soldiers in elite combat units, is available on the Walmart website for $27.44, which is discounted from the original $57.62.

The Walmart Facebook page was filled with criticism, including demands for a boycott of the chain.

One post called the costume “extremely offensive and highly insensitive, not only to the millions of Palestinian-Americans that shop in your stores, but to anyone who has an ounce of humanity in their bodies.”’

On the Walmart site, under customer reviews, one commenter wrote, “Might as well sell a Hitler outfit for children as well! Pitiful!”

Another said: “Your little one can now go to his friend’s house, and take over their bedroom, and all of their toys and claim that God has given him/her the right to take it. If the friend refuses, your little IDF soldier can respond with force, and if they fight back, claim anti-Semitism, the right to defend their new room full of God given toys and level the whole family and neighborhood block!”