guard smile

A video of a Jewish man prompting a Royal Guard to crack a smile is making waves online.

Yankel, an observant American who recently traveled to England, is the star of the clip, taking a moment in his travels to visit the home of the Queen—Buckingham Palace.


Videoing his exploits, Yankel stopped near a member of Elizabeth’s guard, telling his accompanying friends about the guard: “We were together in school, me and him. He went his own way.”

Yankel then goes on to regale the crowd with tales of his relationship with the nameless guard, finally getting the hatted guard to smile—a cardinal sin for the royal officials—around the 60-second mark.

The video was posted on YouTube and has proven popular, though it has drawn some criticism.

“As an Englishman, my first reaction was utter embarrassment for such a chilul hashem [sacrilege] as these soldiers put their lives on the line for our country,” wrote Aryeh Kalman in the video’s comment section.

“Just like Americans respect their soldiers so too do [we] English [respect] our soldiers.”