Parenting can be challenging enough, but even more so for those who are serving their county.

In honor of that sacrifice, the IDF’s Widows and Orphans Organization recently recorded a moving tribute, titled “Abba,” or “Father,” featuring famed Israeli singer Shlomi Shabat.

Watch the video above and read the translated lyrics below:

Dad, a friend told me to write a song about you

About everything I saw you in your face

About the peace without the words

The scents and sounds

Everything was so beautiful in your eyes

Dad, remember the paths to school

All the tunes from the room

When you listened to how I sing

With a happy face

And smile hidden in your lips

Dad, all the ways you tried to encourage

I went and tried to win

Not always understanding how

Because not everything goes the right way

I am different from you but so much like you

Dad, the old house is long gone

We moved, progress, changes

And filled in the void

With more similar faces

What everyone thought they lacked

Father, the time has passed and we did not talk

Father, forgive me

It took me a while to figure it out – you belong to me

As much as I belong to you

As much as I Love You

Let’s not keep things inside anymore and just talk

Dad, a friend told me to write a song about you