The Israeli Defense Forces may come up against numerous challenges, but that doesn’t mean they never pause to honor their Jewish heritage.

Such was the case Friday when a group of Israeli Navy soldiers took a moment to sing a Shabbat song while at sea.


The touching moment came as the soldiers were in the midst of Operation Full Disclosure—a mission to intercept and re-route to Israel a collection of Iranian arms meant for Gaza.

The IDF wrote: “As Shabbat began last week, these soldiers had already set sail to stop Iran’s weapons shipment from reaching Gaza terrorists. In the middle of the sea, they all sang ‘Shalom Aleichem’ — a Shabbat song meaning ‘peace be upon you.’ Days later, their successful mission brought peace upon the entire nation of Israel. They are our heroes. Shabbat Shalom.”

Watch a video of the impromptu performance below.