A final push to catch the last remaining Nazi criminals is seeing success, thanks to efforts by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the globe’s leader in Nazi prosecution.

The SWC announced yesterday that four cases have recently been brought to its attention through its Operation Last Chance campaign, an initiative to raise awareness among the international community on the need to find and try these criminals before it’s too late.

To that end, the Center published a poster as part of the campaign, with basic contact information for anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of still-at-large Nazi fugitives.

SWC Director Efraim Zuroff said at a press conference in Munich that two cases of suspected camp guards—one from Auschwitz and one from Dachau—have already been handed over to German authorities by way of the initiative. Additionally, an individual connected to a massacre in Oradour, France, and a suspect accused of weapon profiteering have also been brought to officials’ attention.

Zuroff also told JTA that 110 names of suspects–81 in Germany–have already been culled from nearly 300 tips.

“If the response to the initial round of posters is any indication, we are likely to receive the names of quite a few additional suspects,” Zuroff said, “which can be submitted to local prosecutors and hopefully will result in the prosecution and punishment of Holocaust perpetrators.”

A second round of Operation Last Chance posters are set to be disseminated starting today, including 3,000 fliers to be published in eight German cities.