After the Shabbos Project took the Jewish world by (positive) storm, a group of Jewish moms in NYC decided they wanted to have the same impact– but this time specifically on children.

If there is one unifying Jewish mitzvah that every Jew, young or old, can agree on– it’s challah. Challah represents so many of the most delicious Shabbat memories, and is the perfect tool to get Jewish children of every denomination on board with making mitzvot. The movement has picked up steam with notable celebrities like comedian Elon Gold, internationally famous artist Ron Agam, hip hop stars Salt N Pepa, and TV stars Ali Fedotowsky and Ian Ziering proclaiming their love for this most Jewish of carbs.

This January 12, 2016 will mark the first World’s Largest Challah Bake for Kids at the New York Hilton in Midtown NYC. Over 1,000 students are expected from the full spectrum of Jewish communities across New York City for the afterschool event, and children ages 5-14 will be treated to hands-on challah making, live entertainment, and free snacks provided by Sabra hummus and GoGo Squeez.

Every single Jewish child in NYC in grades K-8 is encouraged to join by signing up through Search and share #KidsChallah on Facebook to help spread the movement to your city.