When our favorite Jewish rapper Drake sang about being on his “worst behavior,” we definitely thought some of our dating app users could relate!

Here are some annoying things everybody does on dating apps! Are you guilty?

1. Never messaging after matching. Who will be the first one to message? We could play this game for eternity…

dating app

2. Lying about yourself in your bio. You are not the Vice President or President of a private hedge fund. You know we can Google your name, right? 


3. Sending the same message to all your matches. Come on, you can be more original than that!


4. Using too many emojis or sending ONLY emojis. We get it, you are so popular and have so many matches that you have zero time to write something unique.    


5. Asking your match what “neighborhood” they live in and ignoring them after if it’s an area you don’t want to travel to. 


6. Texting all day long with your crush but never making plans to meet in person. Do you want a pen pal or a date?


This is the second in an advice series on do’s and dont’s from Sonya Kreizman and Natasha Nova, co-founders of Jewish dating app JCrush. Follow their Instagram page Crush&Date for more advice.